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I 1896: Athens, Greece
II 1900: Paris, France
III 1904: St. Louis, United States
IV 1908: London, England
V 1912: Stockholm, Sweden
VI 1916: Berlin, Germany (note 1)
VII 1920: Antwerp, Belgium
VIII 1924: Paris, France
IX 1928: Amsterdam, Holland (Netherlands)
X 1932: Los Angeles, United States
XI 1936: Berlin, Germany
XII 1940: Tokyo, Japan (note 2)
XIII 1944: London, England (note 2)
XIV 1948: London, England
XV 1952: Helsinki, Finland
XVI 1956: Melbourne, Australia (note 3)
XVII 1960: Rome, Italy
XVIII 1964: Tokyo, Japan

1968: Mexico City, Mexico

XX 1972: Munich, West Germany
XXI 1976: Montreal, Canada
XXII 1980: Moscow, USSR
XXIII 1984: Los Angeles, United States
XXIV 1988: Seoul, South Korea
XXV 1992: Barcelona, Spain (note 4)
XXVI 1996: Atlanta, United States
XXVII 2000: Sydney, Australia
XXVIII 2004: Athens, Greece
XXIX 2008: Beijing, China
XXX 2012: Possible Candidates
XXXI 2016: Possible Candidates


Summer and Winter Games Table


  1. Games were cancelled due to WWI.
  2. Games were cancelled due to WWII.
  3. Because of Australian quarantine laws, the equestrian events were held in Stockholm, Sweden.
  4. 1992 was the last year that both the summer games and the winter games were held in the same year.   After 1992, the summer and winter games are staggered 2 years apart.




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